Communication and Education issues in Seismology turned to be very important in the last years and were more and more present in the recent conferences organized by the European Seismological Commission. Recently the topics became  even more popular due to a more stressing demand for information on Earth Science phenomena by the media and the public.

As a consequence, within the seimological community  a debate was  born about what kind and to what level of detail information must be provided to the outer world, what is the best “language” (technical or educational) to convey the messages, how to reach the public, how to face the threat of the uncorrect information on the social media, how to deal with the issue of communication and alerts.

Since 2012 a bunch of Scientists organized in a Working Group within the European Seismological Commission (WG 3.12 Increasing the impact of scientific communication in seismology) to moderate a discussion on the most effective way to communicate with the public. This issue also has a direct influence on education since the correct wrapping of information makes the difference in terms of correct understading of both concepts and rules of conduct. The blog is then meant to collect articles, comments, videos, information on the topics or on ESC. It describes projects and initiatives dealing with scientific communication and education. It is open to both experts and the public.

The main aim is to improve the amount and quality of the communication flow from the seismological community to the public, also as a contribution to a better education given the paramount importance of it in terms of preparedness and awareness.

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